About Shahin Espinosa

Reminiscing on my childhood experiences, I recall running free in the open fields picking wildflowers without a care in the world. Childhood was about losing yourself and being in a state of reverie. Always free to wander and let your imagination take over. I love to look at photography in this same way. It is the candid moments that I truly look forward to. A person just being in the moment and being mindful of their environment. A father holding his daughter as he cradles her in his arms and whispers that he loves her. A son picking a wildflower and bringing it to his mother to see her smile. A brother and sister running in the open fields while holding hands and humming a beautiful melody. These are the moments that tell a story.

Having a family of my own has been the most wonderful experience of my life. After having my two children, I found myself wanting to capture their spirit more than anything. I began to take photos of them running free and having fun playing without a care in the world. Just like my own childhood memories that I cherish, I want to capture them when they are in their element. These moments inspire me and spark creativity in my photography journey. I hope to also capture this same spirit of play, connection, and love in the individuals and families that I meet.